Friday, February 15, 2019

How do Vegetarians Make a Ketogenic Diet?

How do vegetarians make a ketogenic diet?

How do vegetarians make a ketogenic diet?
The important thing is to stick to the principles. For example, if you want to substitute turkey for chicken (or perhaps a vegetarian protein alternative), that’s fine. However, if you add a serving of french fries, that’s not going to work!

The Ketogenic Diet is one that tends to focus on animal protein. Vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs can find plenty of meat substitutes. Vegans, however (who avoid all animal products) will have it a little tougher.

Many nuts are good for ketosis. Soy is also okay in this department, but many recent findings have questioned how healthy soy products are. Fermented soy is generally healthier, so tempeh and edamame are preferable to tofu or soy milk.

Beans are a popular source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, but they are too high in carbs to be a staple for the Ketogenic Diet. One meat substitute you could eat is seitan, which is made from wheat. If you’re allergic or sensitive to wheat, however, this would obviously not be a good option.

Even meat eaters may want to experiment with some vegetarian options for variety.

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