10 Steps To Gamify Business That Results In Long-Term Online Growth

Steps to gamify business that results in long-term online growth
Since last few years, business gamification has emerged to be an invincible part of the corporate society. However, still, the core concept, principles, and its mechanics are not clear. This eventually brings improper facilitation of the idea which makes a business grow and touch new heights.

A gamification is an impeccable tool that you can be used for your brand, so as to motivate employees by creating healthy competition among different teams. Let us get to know more about it:

What is Gamification?

Gamification is just the way it is named. It is about introducing gaming mechanics to your business so as to grow faster and better. The intention here is to create the fun; however, the entire plot remains around the business. For exa: You can develop a mobile app amusingly so that the users can understand your business very well and in an exciting way.

With gamification, a business can make a new bond with its customers and employees. But while it is gaining attention for all the upright reasons, several business houses are finding it either difficult to implement or are doing in a way they can’t relish the taste of benefits probably had if gamification would have been executed properly.

Few best examples of Gamification

US Army

America’s Army (gamification tool) was developed as a recruitment tool by the US Army. In this, the interested candidates are asked to fill a form with real information to sign up. Once they are done with this, they can download the game for free and test their skills to find if they are soldier material. The talented candidates are rewarded in the similar way with badges as in American Army. Though the difference between virtual and real world remains unprecedented but still this worked as a good marketing strategy.

M&M’s Eye-Spy Pretzel

As part of its Pretzel Marketing campaign, the game launched in 2013. The game was simple and inexpensive, and still gained a lot of popularity. Users just have to find the hidden Pretzel in M&M’s candy. The result of this gamification resulted in more than 25000 likes on company’s official Facebook page and over 10,000 comments and 6000 shares.


The big boys gamified the trial version of 3D Max. The aim of the company was to increase software’s use during its trial version. The gamification allowed users to check completed missions, achievements, badges etc. by accessing their profiles. This, in turn, adores the company with a rise by 40% in trial usage and 10% extra users decided to download.


Nike released a campaign in named NikeFuel. The users in this can calculate their daily physical activity, share it on social media, and compete with the rest of community. The gamification not only helped Nike in gaining some extra eyeballs but also took the badge to create a healthy way of awareness.

How to implement gamification?

Believe me when I say that gamification is no rocket science. You should simply consider yourself as the customer and then plan the process. Isn’t this easy? I told you. Let us have a look at some steps to take your business for a long term growth in the online market:

1. Know the gamers

Firstly and importantly you must know your target audience? The people to be gamified? The design and other aspects should be molded remembering the person to be gamified.

2. Buzz around

Once you know your gamers and the design gets final, start creating a buzz around. This should be done remembering the business intentions and the plans you have behind organizing the gamifier.

3. A warm welcome

So now that everything is set, you need to welcome your gamifiers warmly. Always remember that first impression is the last impression. However, here if you ruin your first impression you don’t have the second opportunity to gain it back. So ensure that the welcome screen has something adorable, cute, vibrant, or anything that suits and fits your target audience.

4. Funny and simple

You don’t have to show your master skills while designing the thing. Be simple and funny. People will participate only if they find it engaging, simple (interface) and funny.

5. Progression bar

Adding a progression bar is always a plus sign. Firstly as they’ll be knowing the progress made and the remaining, and secondly the same will keep them engaged and will create a positive motivation to advance.

6. Alert them

Every time they earn a new badge or touch a new record, notify them. You can also ask them to share the same on their social networking accounts. Like this, you won’t just keep the boost-tonic high, but will also get the little extra essence of promotion.

7. Begin easy and short

Now this is about the levels, monitor the progression. It should be easy, medium, and difficult. Also, each level’s length has to be managed accordingly. Simultaneously you can try the same with the progression bar. With the increasing difficulty, it should move slowly towards the end line. To get this you just need a little hands on calculating the Ratio thing.

8. Well described

The entire flow, purpose (customer’s perspective), how to, and other details should be described well. Unexplained, half-explained, or false explained gamifiers are a major fall for the businesses. Always remember an unsatisfied customer/client is your biggest liability.

9. Looks

Make your gamify look beautiful. This is the only way you’ll be creating the first impression for the new visitors. Be creative and be logically creative while designing the way your gamification should look.

10. Feedback

Once the things end, try to have the feedback. This is the best place to ask for the response/review, because if the person spent the entire time, he/she will give some more time to drop the feedback. Experience them and try to fill the loopholes and maintain the positive marks.


Gamification is undoubtedly a boom for the marketing and sales industry. If implemented properly the online business can flourish well for the long term. You just need to experience the minute details shared above. Just follow these simple steps and make the marketing and user experience better than it has been ever before.
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