How to Make Money from Blogging, It's Easy!

Duaseo — For those of you who have a blog, there is an opportunity that you can take to turn it into a money maker. You can try many ways to make money from your blog although it does take some time. However, the process is not too difficult.

So! In this tutorial, we will show you how to monetize your blog to make money. From the initial preparation to the tools you need to start, we will explain everything here. Let's get started!

How to Make Money from Blogs - Initial Steps

Money from Blogging

Before getting into the main topic of learning how to make money from blogs, you need to complete a few steps.

Choose a Niche

Having a niche means that your blog will focus on a specific interest rather than several topics. You might be wondering why this step is necessary. Whether people stumble upon your blog through a search engine or find it due to shared interests, they stay on your blog for the content.

So don't try to write about a variety of different things, as it will only have a negative effect on your traffic.

By being consistent, visitors will know what to expect and will continue to visit your site. They may even tend to share your posts on their social media, which will give a boost to your traffic!

If you're not sure which niche is most suitable, these tips might help:

  1. Choose a niche you like as inspiration for writing - you won't run out of ideas when writing about something you enjoy.
  2. Know your audience well - setting the right tone and diction will help you appear more attractive to readers.
  3. Make sure there is a large enough market for your niche - choose one of the niches that most people are looking for so that your blog can survive in the long run.

The right niche will make money from blogs faster.

Choose Domain Name

In addition to niche, the domain name will also determine the identity of your blog.

Buy the best domain according to the niche you choose. For example, if you are creating a fashion blog, you will definitely choose a name that can describe the content of your blog as a whole.

In addition, a domain name with the most searched keywords will help increase the ranking of your blog in search engines.

Take the time to choose a domain name. If you are confused, use a domain name generator to find references. You do not have to combine it with a premium extension either. You can start with a cheap domain extension, such as .xyz or .online.

Create Blog

After you have determined the choice of niche and domain name, it's time to create a blog.

You need two main things to make money from a blog: web hosting and a blogging platform.

There are several types of hosting that can be chosen. If you are just creating a blog, we recommend using shared hosting. This service is the best and most user-friendly for beginners. In addition, you will get a free TLD domain if you buy it for a period of 12 months.

If you don't have the budget for a hosting subscription, you can use free hosting on Hostinger to start creating a blog.

As for which blogging platform you should use, WordPress is the most appropriate answer. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that is quite difficult to learn but offers very extensive functionality.

To make your WordPress platform more optimal, we also provide the best WordPress hosting. This service has been equipped with pre-installed plugins, a user-friendly control panel, and automatic WordPress updates.

Read our detailed tutorial on how to create a blog.

Create Interesting Content

Now that you understand how to create a blog, the next step is to fill it with interesting content. To keep readers engaged, you need to maintain the quality and quantity of your blog posts.

This can be a bit tricky, which is why we have a list of what you can do to succeed in creating interesting content.

  1. Find inspiration - find out what kinds of articles are successful from your competitors and try to make posts with better insights.
  2. Discover which formats are most successful - for example, try making posts like "How to Do Something in X Minutes". Having well-structured titles and content is very important.
  3. Organize your writing structure properly - avoid grammar mistakes, align subtitles and paragraphs, don't write long sentences, etc.
  4. Use visually pleasing tools - beautiful images and videos can easily attract more readers. 
  5. Always proofread - review your writing or seek help from others to find any mistakes

Additionally, you can read more about how to come up with blog ideas.

Involve Your Readers

Ultimately, it's the readers who decide if your blog is worth visiting. So, there's a focus you should pay attention to, which is making your readers feel valued.

First, make them more active by adding 'call-to-actions' to your posts. For example, invite your visitors to leave comments. This will give you the opportunity to engage with your blog's visitors by responding to their comments or solving any problems they might have.

Another way to attract the attention of visitors is by writing opinion articles. Some of your readers may not agree with your views, but this opens up a wide range of opportunities for audience engagement through discussions.

Obtaining Traffic

Money from Blogging

The more traffic you have, the faster you can make money from your blog. Many bloggers out there have implemented various methods to attract more readers.

Follow these methods to get more traffic so that you can start making money as soon as possible.

SEO for Organic Traffic

We have mentioned SEO several times before, but what exactly is it? Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making your website appear at the top of search engine results pages.

Google has its own algorithm that determines which sites are worthy of ranking at the top. Although no one knows how it works, there are several factors that can help you rank better.

  • Site performance – how fast your site loads, are your images optimized properly, etc.
  • Content quality – the length of your articles, the length of each sentence and paragraph, etc.
  • Keyword distribution – your keyword density, are you using the most searched keywords, etc.
  • Site structure – having a well-structured site can help crawlers find all the information on your blog, especially if you have a sitemap
  • Links – when there are many relevant sites linking to your blog, search engines will consider it a good sign and increase your ranking

Paid Advertising

If the organic SEO method isn't giving you the increase in traffic you need, why not pay for it? With paid advertising, you can run a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign that brings in a lot of visitors to your blog!

So, how does it work? It's similar to the ads you see on TV but with a few differences. Instead of paying upfront, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

What's even better, there are no barriers to finding an advertising service, sign up, and start advertising!

Here are some popular advertising services you can choose from.

  • Google Ads – in addition to ranking your blog's SEO, you can immediately increase your ranking on Google through this ad program
  • Facebook Paid Ads – with so many people on Facebook today, you can turn the popular social media platform into your source of traffic
  • Bing Ads – why stick with just one search engine? Make your blog appear on Bing, Yahoo!, and AOL at the same time!
  • BlogAds – this advertising service allows you to target specific target audiences and display your ads on a variety of networks (blogs and websites)


You know what they say, the best things in life are free! Give your audience some small gifts to get them coming to your blog.

A giveaway itself is the act of giving away a prize in exchange for a quiz that you give to website visitors, whether it be promoting your blog, joining their email newsletter, etc.

The best time for a giveaway is during holidays such as Christmas or Eid. Use the event as your theme, choose suitable prizes, set some rules, and announce it on your social media. After that, all that's left is to choose a winner. Simple, right?

However, you will need to spend money on buying the prizes. Consider these factors to maximize the traffic you will get from your giveaway:

  • Only give items related to your niche - You don't want to confuse your audience, do you? Don't give away a gaming console on a food blog.
  • Value is king - Make sure they are worth the effort put in. Cheap items won't attract many takers.
  • Don't make too many rules - Some audiences may lose interest as soon as they see a long list of what they need to do to get the prize.
  • Promote, promote, and keep promoting! - Because your blog is new, you may not have many readers yet. You need to go the extra mile in announcing the contest. You can use the right hashtags, share your contest info on forums and contest directories, tell your friends to help announce it, etc.

A giveaway is a surefire way to get traffic at a very high speed. Plus, a giveaway opens the way to more engagement with your audience.

It's possible that giveaway participants will go away as soon as your event is over. But you can make sure that doesn't have to happen – follow up, create great content, engage more with visitors, etc.

How to Make Money from a Blog

Money from Blogging

After you have gained enough traffic, it's time to try making money online through your blog!

So, how do you make money from a blog? Here are some of the best ways!

1. Google AdSense

We previously mentioned paying for advertisements to get traffic - now it's the opposite. Placing advertisements on your blog is the best way to earn money from your blog.

Google AdSense is a PPC (pay-per-click) program that requires you to display ads on your website pages. This is one of the most flexible methods because Google handles almost everything related to advertising: which ads will be displayed, billing process, etc. You can also customize the type of ads that are suitable for your blog.

Here are the steps to place ads on your blog as a way to make money from your blog.

  1. Sign up for a Google AdSense account. Fill in your information (your URL, billing address, etc.)
  2. Insert the verification code. Place it between <head> and </head> of any pages you want to display ads on. The easiest way to do this is by installing the Ad Inserter plugin. Go to Settings >> Ad Inserter and click on the General Setting symbol, open the Header tab, and paste the code there
  3. Wait for your account to be approved. The registration process may be fast, but Google takes up to three days to verify your account.
  4. Create your ads. After your account is verified, you will have access to the Adsense dashboard. Go to My Ads >> New ad unit and customize your ad - name, size, and type of ad.
  5. Copy-paste your ad code to your blog. You can do this manually by navigating to Appearance >> Widgets and adding a Custom HTML. Place the widget anywhere and paste your code there. Or, you can use the Ad Inserter plugin for that. Make sure to place your ads in a place where your audience can see it immediately.

Now the ads will appear on your blog, it's time to wait for enough clicks. Eventually, you will reach the minimum amount (100 USD) and you will be paid at the end of the month.

  • The process is easy
  • No further steps are needed after setup

  • Poor customization and placement can decrease your traffic
  • It takes some time for a new blog to receive payment

2. Sponsored Content

If your blog has a lot of traffic, there will be sponsors who want to do business with you. This is a fantastic way to make money from blogging.

Essentially, you are paid by your sponsor (e.g. a company) to publish an article. What's in it for the company? The types of articles are designed to help the company get more customers - whether in the form of reviews, announcements of new products, sales, etc.

So, who will write the article? That depends on your agreement with the sponsor. If they want you to be responsible for creating the content, you may want to charge them more.

Let's look at these steps for using sponsored content to make money from blogging.

  1. Create an analysis report on your blog. If you expect a company to pay you, then they will expect results. Show them how well your blog is performing - page views, bounce rate, etc.
  2. Offer your services to local businesses. For beginners, we recommend building a portfolio before offering it to big companies. Or, you can find potential clients on sponsor market sites like Cooperatize and Tomoson. Make sure to match the sponsor with your niche.
  3. Negotiate your price. You can use the report to determine your fee. Also, based on the numbers on your level of expertise, the effort put into perfecting the design of your blog, and whether you are responsible for creating the content or not.
  4. Publish the sponsored post. If you are in the US, the law requires you to disclose that you are writing a sponsored post. Also, make sure to match the tone and style of the article with your own.

Well, the more you do this, the faster you can take on companies that are willing to pay more. Although, you may want to wait before publishing another sponsored post - excessive ones can decrease your traffic. Sponsored content is one of the popular ways to make money from a blog.

  • This is a more natural advertisement than AdSense
  • You can gain credibility along the way

  • Back-to-back sponsored posts can drive away your visitors
  • Deciding on a price can be difficult

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn money from a blog. It is similar to sponsored content, where you write articles that benefit your business partner.

However, there is a slight difference - instead of negotiating a fee, you are paid through the number of clicks or sales made through your affiliate link.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Choose an affiliate program. There are many popular programs such as ShareASale, eBay Partners, and more. Plus, you can also consider the Hostinger Affiliate Program where you can get a 60% commission on each sale.
  2. Direct your readers to click on your affiliate link. Write a convincing review about a product or service. The more clicks you get, the more you will earn. Additionally, make sure to be transparent - state that this is an affiliate post. Trust plays a crucial role in affiliate marketing.
  3. Expand your email newsletter. You can reach a wider audience by personally sending content to their inbox. This is an effective solution for getting many clicks.
  4. Prioritize your audience. If possible, try the product firsthand. If you don't like it, your audience may not either. Promoting poor quality products will damage your blog's reputation.

Other things to consider include making sure the product line aligns with your niche to keep your brand cohesive. There are also helpful plugins that make the whole process easier, such as ThirstyAffiliates and AffiliateWP.

  • Fixed price for commission
  • Many affiliate marketing programs available

  • Your audience is not guaranteed to click or purchase
  • Difficult to grow a customer base

5. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is a great program for those who want to earn money through blogging with affiliate marketing. All you have to do is advertise products from the site using your affiliate link, and for every purchase made through your link, you'll get a referral fee.

One of the great things about the Amazon Affiliate program is that each product category has a different fee amount. If you're planning on using Amazon Affiliate from the start, it's best to set your niche based on the highest fixed rate.

In addition, there are several special programs within Amazon Affiliate that only require a free trial registration for you to receive commissions, such as Kindle Unlimited, Prime Pantry, Amazon FreeTime, and more.

Follow these simple steps to start earning commissions from Amazon Associates:

  1. Register on Amazon Associates. It's free, easy, and won't take much of your time.
  2. Set up your profile. Fill in your account credentials. Click "New Customer" and enter your information such as name, address, phone number, how you attract visitors, payment method, etc.
  3. Get your affiliate link. Once you've successfully created your profile, find a product and click "Get Link". You can make any necessary changes here - ad type, size, color, etc.
  4. Copy and paste the link to your blog. You can put it in the sidebar, in articles, in the header, etc.
  5. Amazon Affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs out there. If you want to make reviews or convince visitors to buy a product, you won't be overwhelmed.

  • A large collection of available products
  • This is the most popular affiliate marketing program

  • Commissions are lower than other affiliate programs
  • Your earnings for a product will be canceled if the customer takes more than 24 hours to purchase it.


Here are just a few of the many ways to make money from a blog. However, which one catches your eye?

Keep in mind, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider.

  1. Google AdSense - easy to set up although it may take some time to receive payment
  2. Sponsored content - this content can blend in with your own content so it doesn't look like an ad. Don't use this method too often to avoid a decrease in traffic
  3. Affiliate marketing - compared to sponsored content, affiliate marketing gives you a fixed rate. However, you cannot guarantee that people will buy the products you offer
  4. Amazon Affiliate - has a wide catalog but has lower rates than other affiliates

Now it's time to try your luck through a blog. Hopefully this discussion will inspire you. Happy blogging!
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